The Jottum Shoes Collection

Lead by our love for quality children’s clothing, we decided that it is time for us to take care of our little ones’ feet too 🙂

We have always believed that girls deserve clothes with the best quality, fit and design to help them feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. Our clothing collections have timeless style and are produced in Europe with the best materials.

Why high-quality shoes are important for children?

However, even more important than wearing quality clothing, is wearing comfortable shoes from good materials. Shoes not fitting properly – being too loose or tight, can cause damage to kids’ growing feet. Children’s feet grow very fast and they need to be measured every 3-4 months. What is more, we should not wait too long before buying the new pair or buy a bigger size hoping that it will fit soon.

At the age of 4, kids have all 26 foot bones present but they are not yet fully developed. However, if they do not form properly, problems might occur even at a later stage in life. What is more, durability is key – as we know, children love playing, running and jumping on all kind of terrains and they need shoes that can withstand the test of all their adventures.

Our high-quality shoes collection

The Jottum shoes are designed with all of the above in mind. They look good and feel good. Comfortable and made from 100% leather, our sneakers and ballerinas are exactly what a girl needs. They have the glitter, but they also have the feel-good performance that she would love.

All shoes are produced in Portugal by our partner Zandbergen Footwear – one of the best shoe producers from the Netherlands that has been around since the 1930s! Learn more about them here.

And if you are looking for exclusive shoes with high quality made from good materials that your girl will fall in love… Look no further – our first shoe styles are available online here