The Story of the Jot Doll

Jot is the name of the cute Jottum mascot – the symbol of our brand. Every season the Jot dolls have their own dresses matching the main collection.

Did you know that the Jot exists since the 14th century?

They appeared in Edam, a very small town in Holland, and began stealing Dutch cheese from the markets and shops. The cheeky little characters with long legs and arms loved all types of cheese from sweet-milk to cheddar (even when grated). And because a hungry Jot is a resourceful creature, for centuries the population of Edam had to guard its warehouses.

However, a veritable invasion was launched by the Jots between 1920 and 1929. Cheeses disappeared by the dozen and the city was in an uproar. Until 21st June 1929. On this day Klaar Klosje, a woman from the village,  managed to catch one little sleepy Jot.

Her triumphant cry of “Jottum!” echoed throughout the town (roughly translated from Dutch this means “I’ve got him!”).

Klaar knew that the Jots were wearing yellow crowns but what impressed her more were the Jot’s cute clothes.

“How did they make them?” – she asked herself.

Her curiosity was uncontainable and began questioning the little creature. The Jot explained that they make their own clothes and have brand new ones every season. For centuries they have been doing it in both subdued and eye-batting colors. Their fabrics are perfect for adventures because they love rough and tumble.

Shortly afterward, the Jots entered into a unique agreement with the Edammers. In exchange for 50 kilos of cheese per week, they would help Klaar Klosje to design children’s clothes. To express her gratitude, she named the clothing line “Jottum”. This agreement with the Jots, which is framed and hangs on our wall, has never been changed. Nor has our conviction that children are entitled to the best.

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