The Mission of The Jottum Brand

We have always believed that girls deserve clothes with the best quality, fit and design to help them feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. Our clothing collections have a timeless style. Produced in Europe with the best materials each has its own exclusive prints and represents the Jottum brand.

Most of our materials are from high-quality Italian suppliers – beautiful cotton, creamy lace, soft tweed, and velvet are frequently used in a classic material mix.

Every piece in our collections is carefully designed by our team. We draw inspiration from a great number of sources. For example, nature has always been present in our splendid prints. Some of our greatest looks include animals and blooming flowers.  We spent endless hours on finding the right button or ribbons, the best thread, or the finest lace. All these little details give the extra appeal to every article of the Jottum clothing.

Jottum has been around for almost 25 years now. But how did it all begin?

Of course, it started with a dream. A mother, Karin uijt den Bogaard, wanted to make her little daughter feel confident and beautiful like a princess, ready to face the world. Karen’s designs were classic, yet unique. The clothes were comfortable and at the same time truly special.  It is not a surprise that what happened next was an instant success. Girls from all ages – both mothers and their daughters loved the looks.

We truly value current fashion trends. That’s why in every new collection we incorporate them. However, our goal remains to please children, not only their parents.

At Jottum we believe that what we remember are moments, not days. Being part of your most precious memories makes our mission to create beauty truly rewarding.


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