One Print – Three Different Outfits

Every child likes different styles of clothing – one prefers sash bows at the back, one likes collars and the other prefers the tent dresses. This is normal due to the fact that children nowadays know what they like and know which type of dress is suitable for every occasion. But what happens when you and your little lady fall in love in a certain pattern but you prefer a different style?

When working on the new SS’19 collection we spent hundreds of hours making sure that the new designs are unique and perfect. One of them is the Ballerina print.

Its style is inspired by the Greeks, famous for its ancient art and culture. The print combines the colors white and blue in such a way that makes every piece of clothing with it hard to go unnoticed. In fact, the name of the print comes from the depicted on the lower part ballerinas. They are graciously dancing followed by one of the most elegant animals – swan. So smoothly, this pattern combines art, culture, grace, and tenderness. For this week’s story we’ve picked three dresses, with totally different styles and the Ballerina print.


Dress Saturna

You are going to a special event and want your little girl to look like a princess? Dress Saturna is the perfect choice with sash bow, defined waistline and voluminous skirt. And even more than that – it has the unique Ballerina print.




Dress Stitch

Every child wants to be comfortable while running around and we fully understand that. But with the beginning of warmer days, tight dresses are not an option. Dress Stitch is the perfect breezy style for such situations.



Dress Sucy

Do you like the “Mini-me” trend but think that a child is supposed to wear colorful clothes? Well, technically Dress Sucy is both. With the navy collar on the top and fun print on the skirt, you both introduce your little one to the dressing etiquette but keep the childish in their style safe.


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