Do the Materials Your Little One Wears Matter?

The skin of a kid is much more sensitive than that of an adult. Choosing what type of materials make contact with it is of high importance.

The skin is the largest organ so a big part of what children absorb happens through it (the rest comes from food, air, liquid). But unlike adults, their skin is more vulnerable to harmful substances. That is due to the fact that although having three layers, just like the adults do, their’s are thinner and absorb liquids and gases easier.

Most parents don’t take that in mind and get tricked by the cute looks that children clothes now have. But the top priority that you should have is to choose the best quality materials that touch your precious one’s skin.

Of course, finding a brand that combines both looks and quality materials is a jackpot.

When designing our clothes, we from Jottum spend hundreds of hours making sure that every detail is absolutely perfect. But before getting to that point we make sure that the materials we work with are of high quality. That’s why we decided to work with fine Italian cotton.  Our Italian supplier works with the best cotton sources in the world and makes sure that all the dying, printing and finishing on the materials is done precisely and would not harm the skin of your kid in any possible way.

Moreover, cotton is less toxic and more hypoallergenic than other materials.

Why risking your kid’s body with synthetic fibre and risk it to get negative reactions like irritated skin or rashes?

One of cotton’s most important features is that it is breathable, which makes it the perfect choice for summer clothing. It is also strong and durable. Even after a few washes, the color will stay perfectly preserved.

Last but not least cotton is absorbent which makes it a good moisture control. With the summer around the corner, we are already prepared for endless games and running. So, eliminating moisture buildup between the skin and the clothes your child is wearing is surely helping to keep them dry.

As part of our mission, we desire to create beauty with high quality. The thing that matters the most is that all children wearing Jottum feel comfortable and beautiful.


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