Jottum’s Dancing Ballerinas

A great outfit becomes even better when it is full of details.

Looking at our Ballerina print collection you can first notice that the amount of time spent for creating every piece was big. Every piece is different and has something unique, like sash bow at the back collar at the top part, yet there is something that combines them all.

The Ballerina print is one of the four prints created exclusively for the new Jottum Spring/Summer 2019 collection. It is highly inspired by the Greeks and their architecture and culture. The print combines the colors white and blue and makes every piece of clothing hard to go unnoticed.

Dress Saturna and Dress Stitch

In fact, the name of the print comes from the depicted on the pattern ballerinas. Looking at them you can notice that they are graciously dancing and are being followed by one of the most elegant animals – the swan. It is like a play of Swan Lake.

Combining art, culture, grace, and tenderness, the Ballerina print is perfect for the summer months. Just imagine your princess walking around on your summer vacation, on an occasion party or celebrating the sunshine and warm days.

Are you looking for a dress or an outfit with a skirt and top? Don’t worry because we have you covered. Read our article about the three different outfits you could get with this print here.

If you are already impressed by this print we have great news for you. Jottum celebrates the month of June and every week a different print from our new collection will be discounted. And it gets even better. With every order from the collection, you get a Jot Doll with matching dress.

So from 8th until 14th of June, every piece from our Ballerina print collection will be discounted with 15% and with your order, you get a free Jot doll.

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