With Brighter Days Come Lighter Outfits

We are sure that your children are tired of the endless layers of clothes they had to wear during the winter and are desiring some splash of color. However, looking cute is not enough. All children must feel comfortable and be able to look good even after jumping around all day. Jottum knows this. That’s why when we were working on our Spring/Summer Collection every little detail was of importance.

As we know, every season has it’s most suitable colors and they are the initial step towards looking good. And in spring we wear lighter colors. Ballerinas on a bulky skirt, balloons flying into the pink sky or a bunch of flowers, they all take part in our new collection. With such designs how can your day not be bright?


Dress Sevenly

Ballons on the print, sash bow at the back, a small collar, bright colors…these are part of the things that we love so much in Sevenly. The print is inspired by  Curacao, a touch of the colorful “heart” city. This dress can be dressed for casually hanging out or for a semi-formal event.

Dress Stitch



This dress is like a live play of Swan Lake. When your girl is walking or running around you can see the ballerinas dancing on the voluminous skirt, followed by the gracious swans. It is an absolute piece of art. Pretty patterns like that bring on a special degree of cuteness to a dress. Dress Stitch is the right choice for every upcoming occasion event of yours.




Dress Sire

Floral prints are such a spring/summer stable. Having that in mind, Dress Sire is a great choice for the lighter days that come. This bulky skirt covered by tulips, roses, gerbera and many other flowers in bold colors. Because floral is such a versatile pattern, your little girl can rock Sire both in the park and on a special occasion and it would look absolutely cute.

Dress Steinway




If you appreciate the attention to design and preciseness, then you will love Dress Steinway. It is covered by laser-cut flowers, which offers the kind of precision as if the designs were done by hand. Simplistic, yet with unique design, it would definitely catch the eye. Steinway is a great match for every event your little girl has to attend to.




Dress Saruka

With white being the lightest color, we present you Dress Saruka. It is made from 100% Italian cotton in white with a touch navy color. Little bow details on the skirt are the perfect simplistic touch of cuteness. This classic dress is a perfect choice if you want your little girl to look simple, yet elegant.


At Jottum we believe that what we remember are moments, not days. Being part of your most precious memories makes our mission to create beauty truly rewarding.


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