The Flower Girl Guide

Every woman dreams of a perfect wedding. And what is a perfect wedding without a cute flower girl wearing a beautiful dress? In this article, we’ll give you tips about the topic. If you are about to have your wedding day and want to have the perfect flower girl we’ve got you covered. And if your daughter or niece was honored by getting picked as a flower girl and you want to make sure that every little detail is taken care of, then keep reading.



What is a flower girl?

If you don’t know much about weddings or you are new into this try to remember the last one you’ve attended. Was there an adorable little girl who scattered flower petals on the wedding aisle, while walking in front of the bride before the whole crowd. We’ve just answered the question. This is what a flower girl is.


TIP: The bridesmaid and the flower girl are two different things. Don’t confuse them. Even though they are connected to the bride or the groom, during the ceremony they do different things.


How many flower girls can you have during the ceremony?

A lonely girl or a group of little cuties? The tradition says that you have to choose one flower girl, but what if you have more in mind?

It is the bride’s decision if she has one or more flower girls. Depending on the wedding size and her personal wish, the bride can choose up to 4 flower girls to walk her on the aisle.

By choosing matching dresses or different gowns you can easily keep the wedding theme up. Discover our tips for matching Jottum flower girl dresses.



What does a flower girl wear?

You have two options when choosing a flower girl dress: if you want a flower girl that is matching the bride you can always pick a white gown, but if you like colors or simply want the little girl to match your bridesmaids you can choose a colorful dress.

See some of our Jottum pics and choose the perfect flower girl dress:



Dress Safira     


This beautiful dress is the perfect choice if you are on the hunt for a flower girl dress that would leave everyone speechless.





Dress Silvy

A masterpiece of a dress. It has laser-cut flowers at the bottom part and beautiful pearl detail at the neckline. A great choice for a special wedding.






Dress Simba

With its beautiful detailed waistline and short sleeves dress Simba would make your little girl fall in love with it.

What to Know When Shopping for a Flower Girl Dress?

So here are a couple of things you should pay attention to before buying a flower girl dress.

  1. Choose the dress together with the flower girl and the parents. The little girl and her parents must like the dress.
  2. Shop together online. The process of trying different dresses might be tiring for little girls. There are plenty of options online of which you could choose and save time.
  3. Pick the right size – the little girl must feel comfortable during the wedding, make sure that you’ve picked the right size.
  4. Pick high-quality material dress – the most important thing about the dress is the materials it is made of. Even if it is gorgeous looking, the materials might create problems for the girl wearing it.


Jottum’s dresses are made of high-quality Italian fabrics and are the perfect choice for your special occasion. See more available Flowergirl styles HERE.


Finish the outfit with the perfect shoes

Last but not least, make sure that the shoes you choose are not only good looking but comfortable enough. Weddings are tiring and you don’t want your little girl to feel bad during the wedding. Shop Jottum shoes that would match perfectly with your dress HERE.


Remember, encourage the girl to smile and feel good. After all, this would be a special moment for her too and most probably a one that she would remember for life.


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