Cute Matching Outfits for Little Girls

Wearing a matching outfit with someone is a great experience, especially for kids. It is a way of showing off the world how special the other person is to you and what great bond you have. Most parents dress up their little children so to match and be adorable. Nowadays it is a trend not only for siblings but for best friends too. So if you are looking for some ideas on how to coordinate outfits for little girls we are here to help you.

Here are some of our Jottum suggestions for matching outfits.

Dress Serenade and Dress Simka

Flower princess mode: on. These two dresses harmonize with each other and are not too much alike nor too much different. Perfect for any special occasion and pink enough, this duo would steal the heart of everyone who sees your two girls walking beside one another and wearing the dresses. You could combine it with our Ballerina Jackie and make the outfits complete.

Dress Steinway in Crepe Pink and Dark Navy

The best think about and an outfit is that you look completely different when you change colors. These two dresses look different because of the contrast of their colors yet they are completely the same due to the unique laser-cut flowers at the skirt and neckline. Finish the outfit with our gorgeous ballerina Jackie.

Dress Sire and Dress Stitch

Like a flower themselves, the two little girls wearing these two dresses will be more than beautiful. Print Sire is one of our most liked prints this summer and we sure know why. The colors are fresh and different, the styles of the dresses – interesting and the print – unique. Without a doubt, your little ones will fall in love with this combo.

Dress Solange in Pink and Dark Blue

Light and soft, dress Solange is the perfect summer dress. And the two colors that we have it in are beyond gorgeous. This cute duo would look great on two little friends or sisters.

Dress Saturna, Dress Stich, and Dress Sucy,

This is the trio that would outshine everyone. What bonds the outfits is the unique Ballerina print, inspired by the Greeks and their ancient culture. If you are looking for a matching outfit for triplets or just three best friends, this is the combination that would win you.


Our mission is to make you and your loved ones happy. By giving you some ideas for matching outfits for your little girls we hope that we brought smiles on their faces. Every piece mentioned in this article is currently on sale.

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