The Best Beach Travel Looks for Girls

It’s that time of the year when people think more and more about traveling. Choosing the perfect destination is a long process and it has to be suitable for every member of the family. But if you’ve successfully made that step, it’s time to choose the outfits you’re going to wear then. And let’s face it, the holiday will be calmer and more reliving if you’ve already made all the planning and the only thing you have to do there is to relax.

We made a list of some of our best pieces that could give you an idea what your little princess could wear on your next trip. Take a look and choose your favorites.


If you are going to a destination near a sea or an ocean….



Top Neachi and Pants Herola

This outfit desires to be worn near the beach. It has not only a sailor vibe that your kid is going to love, but it would be comfortable enough for running and playing. Both of these pieces are now on 30% off.






Dress Sire

The second piece from our Beach collection is Dress Sire. It is our most loved product and we sure know why. It combines the princess look with the playful colors.  Perfect for fancy restaurants or special occasions near the beach. The dress is part of our “Last available pieces” sale and is now on 40% off.





Dress Swanley

Again from our Beach print collection, we present you our gracious Dress Swanley. Every summer child should own a dress like this and spread the Beach vibe around. Just imagine your little one wearing it on your next boat trip or on the streets of a sea city. The dress is currently discounted with 60% off. Be fast because there are only a few pieces left




Dress Saruka

Continuing the sailor vibe, dress Saruka will be a perfect outfit for a boat trip or a walk around the sea. It is elegant and classy, fresh and summery and suitable for a little girl who would like to play. The dress is currently on sale with 30% off.




If you plan to visit Greece…



Dress Saturna

Defined waistline, beautiful sash bow at the back and unique design inspired by the ancient culture of Greece.  If you are planning your next trip to be in Greece this dress would definitely blend in with the vibe around you and would make a great impression. This dress is currently on sale with 30% off.





Dress Sire

Again with our Ballerina Print, Dress Sire has that boohoo vibe and is breezy enough for the hot weather in Southern countries. Just imagine your kid wearing the dress on your trip to Santorini or Mykonos, or another island in Greece. Get it now with 30% off.




We are sure that your next trip to the sea is going to be so much fun and memorable. But every detail matters. Let us share such special moments with you and your family and make them even more beautiful. By wearing a Jottum piece of clothing the last piece of the puzzle will be in place.


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