The Print That Tells its Own Story

Balloons flying into pink skies over the “heart” city – there is nothing to leave you unimpressed in our balloon print. Combining pink tones and pastel blue in the upper part and a colorful splash at the lower, it can’t become any girlier.

It is inspired by the country of Curacao, part of the Kingdom of Netherlands. Also known as the heart of the Caribbean, this island is derived from the Portuguese word for heart (coração).

The whole design has its own story and it can be told from various perspectives. Just imagine a group of little girls playing on the street with their balloons, or maybe those balloons were once birds but now has the purpose to make little girls happy. Show your little one the print and ask her what does she see, and we are sure you’ll be impressed by the imagination of kids.

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Dress Sevenly

This dress is full of little details – the unique print, the collar and the sash bow at the back, the defined waistline or the voluminous skirt. And at the top of everything – its main color is pink. How to resist such a look when it has it all.





Dungaree Davido

It would not be a collection If it doesn’t include a comfortable piece on the top of other advantages. Dungaree Davido tells the same story and is suitable for various occasions.







Dress Stephan

A staple piece of clothing, dress Stephan has it all. The amazing design and the defined waistline, it is created to be worn by a little princess.







Skirt Trinidad and T-shirt Naudi


Wear it together or create your style combining them. Use your imagination and be the creator of something truly beautiful.







T-shirt Nanny

T-shirt Nanny has the spirit of the Balloon print and it’s perfect for the simplicity lovers. Combine it with skirt Trinidad or with something more casual.





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