3 Party Dresses for Every Occasion

We all have those moments that deeply desire to remember with the best. Everything surrounding us at that times takes a great place in our memory and brings us back to that day. Especially the way we look and the clothes we wear.

It is just the same for the little ones too. Going to a special event and wearing a beautiful gown would definitely make your girl feel like a princess. Do you have a party approaching and still wonder what dress to buy for your daughter? We from Jottum are here to help. Here are some of our top picks from the new collection that would certainly be the most suitable last piece of the puzzle:


Dress Saluta

This Exquisite dress combines the most delicious colors. And they definitely are in for the season. So are the stripes, so a combination of both equals perfection, right? The decorative ribbon at the waistline is a great detail that creates a more defined effect. No matter the occasion your little one would look great in Saluta.




Dress Serenade

Do you love floral prints? They look good on everyone especially when they are combined with gems and create that princess effect for the dress. Serenade has it all. The details on this dress are hard to stay unnoticed, starting from the tulle sleeves and continuing to the little pearl button on the neckline. Just imagine the smile on the face your daughter is going to have when wearing it.




Dress Sumandy

Dress Sumandy combines the two most classic colors in one – white and navy blue. The top part is beautifully embroidered and the bottom one is bulky and voluminous. As every piece of clothing that Jottum has, this dress is full of details. On the skirt beautiful flowers and ribbon lining in navy blue contrast the snow-white color and on the top an interesting neckline creates a dressier look. Every moment would be even more special with Sumandy.



One is sure, we from Jottum love details. Every piece that we make is full it because we know that details are what make everything special. Following our mission, we crave to create beauty and take part of your most special moment giving you the most special piece of clothing.


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