3 Cute Looks for Easter

When preparing for Easter we embrace the full meaning of this important celebration. The Sunday is full of pure joy, laugh and time spent with loved ones. That’s why we love it so much. This year it is going to take place on the 21st of April.

We dream of Easter Sunday picnics and spring day garden parties. However, we still want to survive the family festivities and the competitive egg hunt.

Luckily Jottum has plenty of options for any Easter brunch. From pastel prints to a bunch of flowers on a dress here are some ideas that can make the Easter outfit for your little girl mission possible.

Dress Samson

Are you going to an Easter event or a service and you want to be on the dressier side? Every little girl will look like a princess in Dress Samson. It is definitely for lovers of lighter colors since the dress has different shades of pink on a white fabric. And in a pure day like Easter day, this combination of shades is a perfect choice. The rose belt is a perfect touch of the season in this divine piece of clothing.


Dress Sevenly

This beautiful dress is made from 100% Italian cotton. It is inspired by the Country of Curaçao (heart; translated from Portuguese), part of Kingdom of the Netherlands. The pastel colors make this dress simple yet elegant, perfect for the dressier side of the holidays. The balloon prints give that festive vibe and take the word adorable to the next level. Sevenly is the perfect dress for a Sunday family bunch followed by a competitive egg hunt.


Dress Sire

Flowers are a thing in the spring and this dress has a bunch of them. From greens to tulips you can almost smell the aroma of the season and spread the vibe around you. As well made from 100% Italian cotton it touches the skin delicately. Can you imagine a little girl walking around a garden party and being a flower herself? Dress Sire would definitely give that feeling to anybody who is wearing it.


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